Routine Cleanings & Preventive Care

We offer individual consultations and dental exams, cleanings,
x-rays (when needed), and a focus on encouraging proper home care
and overall oral health. We also provide fluoride treatments for healthier
and stronger enamel, and nightguards to help protect your teeth.
Additionally, we offer a drug-free, FDA approved treatment
for the prevention of headaches.

(Details below.)

Restorative Dentistry

Our restorative services include tooth-colored fillings; natural looking porcelain caps, crowns, fixed bridges; endodontics (root canal therapy); permanent dental implant restorations; dentures and removable partial dentures.

Cosmetic Dentistry

From minor tooth adjustments and smile enhancements to dramatic smile makeovers, our cosmetic dentistry services include tooth-colored fillings; porcelain caps, crowns, and fixed bridges; life changing porcelain veneers; and powerful, professional teeth whitening options.

Orthodontic Solutions

We believe that everyone deserves straight teeth and the confidence they bring, so we offer both comprehensive and accelerated orthodontic solutions.

Periodontal Health (Gum Health)

Periodontal (gum) health is vitally important to retaining your teeth over your lifetime. Early diagnosis of gum disease, treatment, and appropriate maintenance is not only important for your oral health but there is also increasing evidence of the connection between your oral health and overall body wellness. Keeping your mouth healthy can reduce your chances of systemic disease, including heart disease.

We provide oral cancer screenings as well, as part of our ongoing oral health programs.

Advanced technologies we utilize in our careful diagnosis and treatment processes include:

Intraoral Camera

Using this camera, we can give you a “tour” of your mouth on a TV screen (which is really cool). We also use the camera to guide you through your diagnosis and treatment options. This is helpful in keeping our patients at the center of their treatment plans. We want you to feel informed at every step of the way, so you can make smart choices for your oral health and smile.


Since identifying and filling cavities is one of the most important things we do for patients, we use Diagnodent technology. This low intensity laser detects more precisely and sooner than less accurate methods of the past. In addition to helping prevent the spread of decay, Diagnodent’s ability to catch decay early means that the fillings required are often simpler. This allows us to use minimally invasive filling procedures and preserve more natural tooth.

Tooth-colored Fillings

Composite fillings can be adhesively held in place or “bonded.” Because they can be bonded to teeth, composite fillings allow for more conservative preparations where less healthy tooth structure is removed. This often results in smaller fillings than that of amalgam (silver fillings), and they are more natural looking. The tooth-colored material is cured with a special light and the surface is shaped and polished to match the tooth, rendering the final restoration virtually undetectable to the eye.


Professional Teeth Whitening

In addition to giving you the benefit of a cleaner looking and more attractive smile, whiter teeth can also greatly enhance your self-esteem and confidence. As an added bonus, whitening can lead to healthier teeth because when your teeth look better, you tend to take better care of them to keep them looking fabulous. Ask us at your next visit about brightening your smile. We offer several powerful, professional teeth whitening options and would be happy to work out a personalized plan based on your dental condition, desires for your smile, and budget. We think you’ll love the results of a whiter and more dazzling smile!


Beautiful Veneers in Two Visits

Do unsightly gaps make you want to cover your mouth and hide your smile? What about chipped, crowded, or very discolored teeth? Imagine what it would be like to have a smile with straight, beautifully shaped, and brilliant white teeth… This is possible with porcelain veneers! In as few as two visits, Dr. Stauffer and his team can create this kind of smile for you – a smile that will radiate joy and vitality. A more healthy and attractive smile can significantly improve your personal and professional life, too. Call us to schedule your cosmetic consultation, so you can get these benefits in your life!


Sedation Dentistry

We are trained, skilled, and certified in sedation dentistry. We can offer you anxiety-free and more relaxing dental care than you’ve ever experienced! On top of that, our sedation options help us treat you without multiple appointments and the hassle of time off work. We invite you to come in and experience what a difference it can make.

If you’ve avoided seeing a dentist for a long time because of dental anxieties or fear, please call us today. More and more life-threatening illnesses are being linked to the presence of dental diseases. You’ll be glad you called, and we’ll be glad to take care of you!

Drug-Free Headache Prevention

If you suffer from migraine or tension-related headache pain, Dr. Stauffer has something to share with you. It’s an innovation in headache prevention that stops your pain at its source – without drugs – so you can get the relief you’re seeking. This FDA approved treatment is a small and simple device worn on your front teeth while you sleep. It helps prevent intense clenching, enabling the muscles in your jaw and head to relax, and it has relieved symptoms in the majority of those who have tried it. You could be next!
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